My Seattle Sounders FC Experience

For years I’ve seen the Sounders-Timbers rivalry on TV and the hype around the club’s supporters bases innumerable times in MLS advertisements and promotional material.

Of the fifty-something matches on the tour schedule, this was always going to be one of the ones at the top of the list in terms of spectacle, excitement, and anticipation.

For anyone who dismisses American soccer, I — and countless others before me — would implore them to take in a match in Portland or Seattle. This particular derby lived up to my every expectation and was the biggest spectacle I’ve witnessed on my travels.

At the request of Emerald City Supporters — the Sounders’ main supporters group that was recently burned by a reporter — I refrained from filming them. Otherwise, I likely would have created videos similar to the ones I made of my Timbers experience and the Timbers Army. They were tremendous in their support of the club. Organized, passionate, and loud.

Instead, I chose to capture my gameday experience start to finish through Snapchat, which can be viewed in the embedded video above.

Note: While I plan on posting a recap of my time in Seattle, as well Cascadia as a whole, I will more than likely refrain from comparing/contrasting the different gameday atmospheres and supporters groups. Both are unique and wonderful in their own way.