I share my birthday with my best friend, Anthony. We hit it off after meeting in kindergarten, and, for as long as I can remember, we’ve celebrated our birthdays together ever since.

Despite my presence 2,500 miles from our mutual hometown of Coconut Creek, Florida, this year was no exception.

Anthony, along with our longtime friend Kenny, flew out to meet me for a week-long celebration that started Sunday night in Las Vegas, and ended yesterday — on our 26th birthday, the 22nd of September — in San Francisco. We made stops in Reno, Tahoe and Sacramento along the way, seeing desert, snow, and everything in between.

Sunday: Solo drive from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas, pick up Anthony and Kenny at airport
Monday: Las Vegas
Tuesday: Red Rock Canyon
Wednesday: Reno
Thursday: Tahoe
Friday: Sacramento
Saturday: San Francisco

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