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Frequently Asked Questions

The Soccer Tour was an eight month, 30,000 mile road trip created by soccer enthusiast and communications professional Steven Bernasconi to explore all levels of the sport across the diverse North American soccer landscape.
Nothing like The Soccer Tour exists. The game is experiencing tremendous growth — and growing pains — at all levels in North America and I wanted to see them for myself and share with others.
I spent eight months living out of a van and couchsurfing with soccer supporters. I watched a home game for all 22 Major League Soccer teams and supplemented that with nearly three dozen other matches for teams in different divisions, at all levels of the pyramid. I met with supporters of clubs, players, members of the media and fellow enthusiasts, sharing some of the interesting things happening in the sport through digital and social media.
I produced written, video, and photographic content for my blog and social media. I also appeared on a number of podcasts to discuss my travels and observations.
My own savings and the generous contributions of people on Patreon.
Circle K helped out with gas cards, Continental hooked me up with new tires, and Honda gave the van service.
Not in the slightest. The trip was a foray into many unknown areas and required me to step out of my comfort zone, face new challenges and accept the help and support of complete strangers.