Spending eight months on the road ain’t cheap. The Soccer Tour is looking for patrons to contribute just a couple of bucks a month to help fund the creation of awesome content for our followers. Patrons will receive exclusive rewards and benefits.

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I’ll be driving solo around North America, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be alone. The Soccer Tour hinges on meeting cool people across the American soccer scene.

Whether you want to show me around your city and tell me about your club, co-host a video, assist in the shooting or editing process, or just hang out and talk soccer (or anything), we can make something happen.

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The Soccer Tour is made possible by the generous support of its followers. To help stretch the budget as far as possible (and in turn, create the best content), I’ll be looking for cost-cutting measures, like eating free meals and staying with strangers.

You can save me from eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches 24/7 and sleeping in The Soccer Tour van every night by offering me a meal or a place to stay when I roll into town. Drop a line if you’re interested in lending a hand — I promise I’m good people!

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Other inquiries

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