Pair of Portland Podcasts

Ahead of my visit to Portland, a pair of podcasters reached out to me. You can listen to my conversations with both Soccer Touchdown and Football Associates in the embedded Soundcloud episodes below.

Soccer Touchdown (Short interview)

JP from Soccer Touchdown recorded this eight-minute conversation with me during the match from our suite (shoutout to Chris Lindsley for the tickets!) at the Timbers 2 game. My segment starts around the 31 minute mark.

In this one I dodge questions like “where is the worst place you’ve had to crash?” and discuss one of my favorite foods, pupusas.

Football Associates (Long interview)

The afternoon of Sunday, August 20 — my fourth day in Portland and the first day I didn’t have a match to attend in the evening — I met up with Jonathan and Ryan from Football Associates.

I’m on around the 27:50 mark in this one.