Is this thing still on?

Wow, it’s been awhile, huh?

I can explain. One of the first things I wanted to do once I returned home was get off social media. Not completely off, but mostly.

Considering that, since my return home in October, I’ve: sent just a dozen or so tweets, made a handful of posts on Facebook, all but deleted Snapchat, and commented in hardly any of the various soccer subreddits… I’d say mission accomplished.

I don’t dislike social media. I just needed a break. Anyway, let’s catch up?

Book or Movie?
If you’re one of those asking “when’s the book coming out?” or, “when can we see the documentary,” I’ve got some bad news. More specifically, no news.

During the tour I took copious notes recapping each day and every game. That amounted to 21,211 words or 61 pages worth of notes, fragmented sentences and random thoughts.

As far as footage, I have several hundred gigabytes worth ranging from interviews, B-roll, and GoPro dashboard cam.

I’m not sure what will come from either of them though, so don’t hold your breath.

Tour Wrap Up, Final Thoughts, Thesis
My loyal followers, and even some casual observers, have probably found it odd that I haven’t done a “tour wrap-up” post, or written some manifesto on my travels and all that I saw during my 235 days on the road. Truth is, I’m not sure what to write.

I’ve also put off doing an AMA on r/MLS or a Facebook Live Q&A.

That’s not to say I didn’t learn a lot on the road (I did) or that I don’t have some opinions (I do).
I’m just not sure exactly what to say, or how. Or when.

What’s new?

  • Back in December, I gave a presentation at the National Premier Soccer League AGM to discuss my thoughts, observations and experiences with their teams during the tour. You can check out the slides from that speech here.
  • The Soccer Tour has been officially incorporated. I don’t know what the future looks like for the company, but I felt that was a worthwhile thing to do.
  • I moved back to my old apartment with my brother. You can’t imagine just how great it feels to have my own bedroom after nearly a year of couchsurfing and vandwelling.
  • The Girlfriend and I have never been better 🙂
  • My dad (a middle school math teacher) is having his revolutionary math manipulative invention, Prime Factor Tiles, manufactured by Didax! My brother and I will be working with him to develop a digital presence ASAP.
  • I got big into gardening (something I was really looking forward to when I was living out of a van.) At the moment, I have at least a dozen or so fruits and vegetables growing in a couple of raised beds in my parents’ backyard and on my apartment balcony.
  • Personal website ( coming at a date TBA
  • Wholesale changes and updates coming soon to I’m also working to add unreleased content periodically as I am sitting on loads of unseen photos and video. All social media platforms will be kept active, and I’ll likely post content (old and new) throughout the upcoming season.
  • I landed a couple of jobs. Neither of which have anything remotely related to soccer. (And that’s actually what I expected and sorta wanted.) Starting today, I’m the Director of Marketing for The Presser Law Firm and The Ticktin Law Group. (Lots of work to be done here on the digital side of things — a challenge I’m relishing!) On the weekends, I help out with audio/visual at First Church Coral Springs.
  • Possible launch of some new side projects. (1) A website that keeps up with former Fort Lauderdale Strikers (R.I.P.) players and staff. Sorta like a “where are they now” and “how are they doing.” (2) With the recent additions of Jacksonville Armada FC and Miami FC 2 to the NPSL, I’d like to create a blog dedicated to coverage of the Sunshine Conference. Both of these are just ideas, so we’ll see if either comes to fruition.

What comes next?
When I conceived of The Soccer Tour, I knew it could be bigger and better than the personal journey I embarked on last year. I like to think that my tour was a proof of concept. When I returned home and looked through the body of work I accumulated over eight months, I actually felt proud (for the first time).

But imagine if I had been accompanied throughout my travels by a professional videographer. Or a film crew was present at each location. Or the tour was presented by someone that (unlike me) isn’t photophobic and camera shy. Or I had been better about collaborating with supporters. Imagine if there was a team of people working on narratives and coordinating interviews. Imagine if there was an actual budget so I wouldn’t have to rely on the incredible generosity of the soccer community.

That’s what I hope comes next.