On the morning of Wednesday, September 6, majority of people at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport were on their way out of South Florida. Not me.

Having already purchased my flight home more than a month ago, I wasn’t going to let Hurricane Irma prevent me from seeing my family and friends one last time before the final leg of The Soccer Tour.

My family was unaware of my visit — I had kept it a secret as I wanted to surprise my mom and my sister Sara for their birthdays. At the time of my arrival, we were in direct path of the then-category-five storm. Less than an ideal time for a visit.

The first couple days were spent preparing for the storm: putting up shutters, clearing the backyard of any potential hazards, and gathering supplies.

Fortunately for us, the storm ended up turning at the last minute, hitting Florida’s west coast instead. Things could have ended up a lot differently, but I was glad to be at home with my family. In the event anything did happen, I wanted to be right there alongside them.

I apologize to everyone for the radio silence over the past week. Prior to leaving, I had an update fully written last Wednesday that I decided not to post. And shuttered in for a couple days with my family, I felt there were more important things to attend to than Twitter.

So, I’m glad to report that all is well. I’m back in Salt Lake City, eager to get going again.

Buckle up. We’re in the homestretch.