I’ve witnessed more than 40 games over the course of the tour. Each one is different. Experiences differ depending on who I know, who has reached out to me, and what access the club lets me get away with, but the goal is largely the same: capture and experience what a match is like for the average supporter.

A match might typically start for me down on the field as a credentialed member of the media, shooting photos and video for the blog. Once I think I’ve seen enough — usually I grow tired of it before the half-hour mark — I decide to head up to the stands where I can join in on the fun with the supporters.

Since the average fan doesn’t, and likely never will, experience what it is like to take in a match from a suite or executive box, I’m not particularly interested in VIP treatment.

Last night I made an exception.

My friend Jeremy had tickets to the Audi Executive Club — a new addition to the stadium for corporate hospitality this season. After speaking with a couple people about me and my project, as well as the possibility of me coming to join him in the fancy seats, he texted me to say “head on up.”

I duly obliged.

View the gallery above for a glimpse at what that looked like, plus some additional photos from the match at RioTinto Stadium.

Special thanks to Renee from RSL (pictured below) for the VIP treatment!