Presentation from NPSL Owners Meeting

In mid-November I was checking in with Dennis Crowley over the phone when he suggested I come to the National Premier Soccer League Annual Owners Meeting in a couple weeks to share some of my insights and observations. I liked that. He contacted a few of the folks in the league office to float the idea and the very next day I had a flight and hotel booked (props to the NPSL on moving so quickly!)

Despite some nerves (I’ve never been much of a public speaker) I delivered a presentation to the 100+ owners in attendance. It wasn’t anything special, but I did get some words of encouragement and positive feedback, so I’d say it went fairly well.

In case you want to take a look, I’ve decided to upload a PDF of the slideshow. Without audio, you obviously won’t have the full story of what was said, but the slides should give you at least an idea of what I covered.

Click here to read the presentation