Non-league soccer is refreshing. When you’re used to this over-commercialized game of ours, taking it back to the basics is a welcome departure from the norm. When you’re a punk rocker and your team is named Bearfight FC, well, that’s just beautiful.

I spent four hours with Bearfight FC president and co-founder Jeremy Sharpe before turning on the camera. Below is our unedited, open and honest conversation with about the motivations for starting the club, the difficulties of non-league soccer and the belief that “I know anytime I’m here, I’m with my family.”

Questions (in case you want to skip through… ya jerk)
[0:58] – Bearfight FC? How and Why?
[2:44] – How did it go from an idea to reality?
[4:46] – Ever wonder what the hell you are you doing?
[6:45] – What is Bearfight doing differently and what could the future look like?
[9:26] – Anything else?
[12:28] – Jeremy explains the meaning behind the tattoo on his forearm

If you’re interested in learning more about Bearfight FC, visit their beautifully-done website and give them a follow on Twitter.