My Chattanooga FC Experience

Chattanooga FC is a big fish in a small pond. For an amateur side, what they have created is remarkable. So much so that my original plans to stay for just one match quickly turned into sticking around for an extra couple days just to experience another.

I’ll put something together with actual substance once I find the time, along with video interviews and shots from the Chattahooligans section, but for now, here’s a couple of Snapchat stories from the two matches I attended.

Match 1: Chattanooga FC vs. New Orleans Jesters

CFC were unlucky to draw this one. And due to the rain and the fact that is was a Thursday, turnout was light by their standards.

Match 2: Chattanooga FC vs. Inter Nashville FC

This match could not have been any better, starting with a tailgate full of hot chicken, a Nashville staple (the Chattahooligans cater the menu to the opponent they’re facing) down to the stoppage-time winner from a direct free kick while a man down in front of a tremendous crowd.

I’m glad I stuck around.