Meeting Two Soccer Legends in Tampa

My time was split between editing video and meeting prominent soccer figures in the first days following the Suncoast Invitational. After meeting Howler magazine founder and editor George Quraishi over the weekend at Al Lang Stadium, he put me in touch with his father Farrukh, who met with me for coffee on Monday.

If you’re not familiar with the name Farrukh Quraishi, I’ll conveniently link to his Wikipedia page here. I wish I could discuss the things we talked about (no wait… actually I don’t) but it was an absolute pleasure to spend time with him. Hope he doesn’t mind me sharing this screenshot, but the text sent to me the following day meant the world to me.

Farrukh put me in contact with another legend of the sport, and Tuesday morning I was invited into the home of Francisco Marcos — whose resume is too long to post here but spans more than 40 years across U.S. Soccer — to meet him and talk soccer. Well, he did most of the talking; I simply absorbed as much as I could. A true honor.