I arrived in Milwaukee on Thursday morning with no plans. I ended up spending the day with Peter Wilt.

The name should ring a bell, but if not, I’ll spare you the embarrassment and link to his Wikipedia page here. Peter is a super cool guy, beloved by soccer supporters across the country, and someone I happened to meet more than four years ago in Indianapolis when he was launching Indy Eleven and have admired since.

If you’re one of those people that enjoys blog posts cluttered with embedded tweets, you’re in for a treat. Here’s what our day looked like:

Stupidly, I forgot to let Peter know I was going to be in Milwaukee until the morning of. I desperately asked on Twitter if he was around.

Fortunately, Peter was in town and willing to meet up a few hours later at The Highbury. When I arrived at the bar it was just me and the owner Joe, so we talked for a bit and I, naturally, left my info on a chalk board in the bathroom. Seeing all of the soccer stickers in the bar also made me think that I should probably get some of my own made…

Not long after the Leicester-Spurs game kicked off Peter walked in, and, according to him, I was seated in the exact spot at the bar where he conceived the idea of a Schlabst. What is that? Well, here’s what Wikipedia says:

A mixture of bottled Schlitz beer and canned Pabst, poured into a pint glass.

We talked soccer for the duration of the Premier League match including his current super-secret projects that I can’t share (sorry) and our takes on the state of the game in the country and where it may be headed in the future. After, Peter offered to show a first-time visitor like me some cool things in Milwaukee.