Continental Drives The Soccer Tour

On Wednesday, four brand-new tires sent to me by Continental were installed on the van

Aside from my savings and the generous Patrons that fund The Soccer Tour, I do not receive any money from corporate partners. That’s intentional. The way I see it, by resisting the influence of sponsorship dollars, I maintain my independence and can therefore say and do as I please.

That said, I am fortunate to have been helped tremendously throughout my journey. Each month I receive gift cards from Circle K to help put gas in the van. During my visit to Houston, Honda offered me free service for the Odyssey. And most recently the tires sent to me by Continental were installed with a 50% discount by the good folks at Belden’s Automotive in San Antonio.

The tour is not possible without the support of the soccer community and the people that have gone above and beyond to make this thing happen.

Thank you, everyone.

Special shoutout to my friends Dean Linke and Steven De Haseth at North Carolina FC for helping me score the tires, and Amanda at Continental for supporting the tour!